Life in Colour / Pretty in Pink

Pink Coneflowers for sure can make your heart skip a beat

My wanderings are made better when I wear something pink as I go in my journey to find the Stumbling stones ( Stolpersteine) and Looking Down on Manholes Project.

Life can be grey sometimes, but whenever I see Pink, it´s a reason to smile.With pink blooms in Spring and summertime, who can´t resist to admire them…?

There is a so-called Pink truck in Kuwait which I spotted parked in front of Freej Swalieh, Salmiya
Purple Hibiscus are normal here, but in the Tropics, it´s always prettier in Pink

After all, Pink is the sweet side of red.

This post is inspired by HeyJude´s Life in Colour ; Pink.

Life in Color: Then there was all Yellow pt.2

After I posted my Life in Color : Yellow pt.1, today I discovered that I still have an unfinished Draft about “Yellow” . Just in time that I was rummaging my Photo Archives for “Yellow photos” which then reminds me that this month´s theme for Life in Color is all about Yellow. So I decided to complete this oldie one so here´s the second part.

I guess it´s never too much too add more brightness on this dark grey stormy weather we are having now here in Germany.This would probably the one of the lasts snowy days, soon days will get warmer.There´s few yellow things to spot on but then, take a minute to notice, there´s quite a lot of ordinary yellow things can still be found outside.Having lots of walking made me appreciate more my neighborhood , surprisingly we found more yellow!

Here is the second part of Life in Color: Yellow

Writing this Post made me remember my previous work with colors.I worked in a Lab and I am sort of in charge of the RAL colors for Powder Coating.I kinda know all these shades by heart and distinguishing the color and matching it with samples and required colors is quite a task , but definitely rewarding.Ral has all in all 213 colors and out of the 30 Yellow Hues, personally I find that only 16 shades is actually seemed to be yellow, the rest are just combination shades, if you look closely, it looked exactly not yellow, more like beige, .

The RAL Classic colors have a 4-digit number in combination with the letters ‘RAL’ (z.b RAL 1028). The first digit is a system code number (1: yellow, 2: orange, 3: red, 4: violet, 5: blue, 6: green, 7: grey, 8: brown and 9: white and black shades).

It is actually so hard to pronounce it in German so I normally just use “RAL” as the abbreviation of ‘Reichs-Ausschuß für Lieferbedingungen und Gütesicherung’. Those are really looonggg German words!

I am now so curious if I have captured every shade of Yellow, from Sand Yellow, Ochre Yellow to Sun Yellow.From my naked eye, yellow is yellow! I guess I haven´nt yet so the chase is still on.I am also quite astonished why all warning signs is in Yellow.Road signs and in autobahn though it is blue or green.

How lovely yellow is! -Vincent van Gogh
The Keukenhof Gardens in Lisse, Netherlands is totally gorgeous with yellow Daffodils and Narcizzen with bunch of lovely Yellow Tulips on its side!/ Justbluedutch2020

A simple quiet walk in this yellow fields always make our day.
According to Goethe, Yellow demands Violet.
I used it here in one of my paintings which depicts deeper shade of yellow, more like gold and the result is amazing. (JustbluedutchArt 2020)

I had lots of fun doing “Let’s paint the Town Purple” color photography post. Lavender, Violets, and different shades of Purple flowers is such a soothing subject so I would definitely be doing another series this coming Spring.

Yellow is such a happy color. It symbolize sunshine and freshness. It’s the total opposite of gray. Watching yellow-orange-burnt red sunrise is actually one of the best pleasures in life. Imagine a sunrise without that golden sunrays?! For me, yellow is bright, unsuperficial and brightness and positivity.

And here´s a photo of my golden Sunshine…!

Cycling through the Yellow Rapeseeds in Bavaria

One of my favourite sport is running and cycling.I cycled almost everyday except in Winter.When the snow is too thick and the roads are slippery, I prefer to walk. But in Summer, cycling through the yellow fields and sunflowers is a favorite family pastime.


Yellow with orange fringe tulips 

Of course, this post won´t be complete without my favourite Yellow Tulips. Oh did you know that Tulips only blooms 3-7 days in Spring?They are really seasonal beauties, no wonder visiting a Tulip Garden is only possible in the early weeks of Spring.But anyway, how is it that I always see Tulips bundle in the supermarkets here in Germany? It´s like the all year round flower here , same as roses!


Yellow and even more yellow…

IMG_8228 (1)

Sometimes the beauty of nature can leave you speechless…like it did to me.

IMG_8226 (1)


Yellow and purple can be a great palette, a color coded happiness.

IMG_8224 (1)

It´s not everyday that I can see a yellow beautiful bird like this. ( Orchideen Hoeveee`, The Netherlands)

What´s your favourite Yellow moment?

Until next time, Tschüss!

Life in Color : Yellow Pt.1

I love anything about colors and shades, the brighter, bolder and colorful, the better. But sometimes, a single, exuberant shade makes it all to brighten my day. Yellow is the theme for this month ( though many says it´s the red month because of Valentines! ) but then anyway, I am so so glad that I have found this wonderful Thread.Make sure to check it out!

I thought it is such an inspiring prompt and full of fun challenge to do so. So here it is, I gathered some of my “Yellow”.

I wake up and found that there was all Yellow.

Here´s some of my favorites.Enjoy!

What are the “Yellow moments in your life? Love colors, check out these worthwhile readings!

Until next time, Tschüss!

Keukenhof in Pink Colors

Seven hues of Blue

The Blue Flock Art Project

Frigid hands and warm Toes

Frigid Hands and Warm Toes

Hello February! I decided to make another post about my Winter Photo journal this year. Yes, this Winter is abnormally normal that I am taking notes of it.

Navigating or neighborhood and taking notes on Nature´s daily surprise

Aside from the Pandemic, it is quite abnormal, I think not only for me ,but for most of us.Our days here in Germany is normally quite the same, quiet, in solitude of lockdown, and staying safe and sound. Our navigation is still within these parameters ; Supermarkets, Parks and running, Pharmacy if we need something and weekend markets.

Since yesterday is the 31st of January ,so far we set another record, ( well we started to make records!) and surprisingly, so far we have walked and run for about 108.46 km in 22 activities this month alone! It means we could have been walking farther than Münich and Nürnberg!

The water´s level on the Danube river is continously on the rise. Ingolstadt, Bavaria, Germany

We decided to follow the trail beside the river and so far we´ve loved it.It´s quite beautiful that Winter exposes us to many great views, aside from bald trees and fallen branches.

With my 6 year old who managed to embrace the walking trend here in Bavaria

This Winter, I began to appreciate walking on crisp, chunky white snow.The sound it makes us happy and reminds us of our winter vacations in Austria. My winter boots has been an angel and keeping me on tabs on neverending changing seasons. Now I understand why one of the best advice I´ve got since I came here is to invest in a good winter jacket and boots.They are really a life-saver.

White fields of dreams

The last days and weeks were combination of Snow, rain and stormy weather.We got used to it and now everything is covered again in white snow.I am still grateful that once again, walking in solitude have have helped us to stay sane, nothing else to complain.I am telling you, the reality of Homeschooling and everything is no joke.But the moment we stepped outside and breathe fresh air, our moods were changed.An hour of sledding in the snow is certainly a miracle drug.Sometimes it´s hard to sleep if we haven´t take a walk!

I really find it funny when I realized what a small world we have because we often meet our neighbours and friends outside while walking, it´s like a big agenda , the highlight of our days!Every snow day is different from the other, so my winter journal is really diversified.

Today we walked through the Danube river and the water´s level is continuously rising.It rained for couple of days now and watching the water level becomes our pastime.My daughter was filled with high spirits, so amazed by so many fallen trees covered in snow around and for her, it´s an adventure trail, a maze.She told me that this happened because of the imbalance in the elements, she meant water, ice, fire and earth.I got lost for a while but then followed her stories and in the end, I realized she was telling me the Lego Ninjago Saga.

When it comes to Lego Ninjago, we are serious about it!

I wish adults can think like children for a change.Talking to children is quite fascinating and they give you unique, practical sometimes ludicrous answers to everything.With them, life is uncomplicated, happier, and That the moment they see snow, their plan is fixed. One time I was doing my late night walking and I still saw children sledding in pitch dark nights.It´s like they don´t want the snow to go away, time is frozen and the magic ends…

Winter in my city where snow, water and wind meet at both ends! Ingolstadt, Bavaria, Germany
Watching the river current passed by…
Hidden away from the crowds and noise.Snow dusted trees makes that ” Silence of Winter” really loud.

Watching the foliages and plants covered in white washed snowy wonder is truly a magical sight.I guess despite the cold and agitation of frigid hands, we are okay with it.Enough with complaining, but hey, aren´t they beautiful?I saw that the paths are already covered with so many footprints, so I guess there were more early earth-walkers that has been here before us.As early as 6 am, people are out taking morning walks…

Watching nature´s wonder in Winter , Ingolstadt, Bavaria

I think I am getting good in knowing which plants stay green in Winter and which one gets bald first.

And now, it´s time for another walk!Stay safe everyone, have a great week. Tschüss.