JustbluedutchArt Paintings

“Creativity takes Courage “

“Painting is my breath, art my compass and nature is my body “

Many times, I realized that I have too many hobbies and I have so little time to do it all. I am glad that modern times allow me to keep a digital journal of the things that I love the most. Aside from running this Expat Lifestyle Blog, urban and indoor gardening, photography, I loved to paint. To tell you the truth, my biggest extravagant in my life is my painting materials and paints, and yes, buying plants. You can see that all of my interests are interpreted in my artworks as well.

Here is a glace of my virtual gallery of my paintings and artworks. I do mostly Aquarelle ( Watercolors) and Acrylic paintings and Abstract arts. I squeeze my time between work, family and my hobbies. I guess that´s what makes life exciting.Following your passion, and not giving up on doing what makes you happy.

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday Life “

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