Unlocking the secret of Tiger Lily 

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Orange Tiger Lily | The One with Freckles .Copyright Image by Justbluedutch2016

T h e  O n e  w i t h  f r e c k l e s •

Tiger Lilies are quite extraordinary. Just look how radiant she is, so vibrant in flaming orange with bright gold freckles. I spotted this beauty during one of my walks .Quite accidentally but I’m glad to discover it. The ones I have seen in Ph are white with tint of pink and  whites ones.

Did you know that bulbs of these flowers are dug up and are boiled and then eaten by Americans? Strange isn’t it?

This practice is also common in other oriental countries. They say it taste like potatoes and are commonly used in Chinese dish Moo shu pork. Brown pear dessert dish is also prepared from tiger lilies by placing the bulbs inside a pear along with sugar. Then they are steamed and eaten.Sounds good but I haven’t tried both of them so far.

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Tiger Lily | The One with Freckles . Copyright image by Justbluedutch2016

According to ancient superstition, because of the spots on the tiger lily’s petals, there is a superstition that if you smell the blossom, you’re going to get freckles. It’s like some of the spots on the flower will transfer to you. Would you dare smelling the Tiger Lilies to prove this ?

Anyway, for pet owners, you might consider before  having one in your home.While lilies are well-known as a serious danger to cats, certain varieties are highly toxic to dogs as well.The peace lily, calla lily, Amaryllis, lily of the valley, autumn crocus and the common houseplant, giant Dracaena or palm lily, are all deemed dangerous to dogs by the ASPCA. Ingestion of lilies can cause gastrointestinal upset, depression, anorexia and tremors.

Maybe I am shallow or whatever you may call it, but discovering something like this makes me happy. A beautiful piece of nature always lift my spirit up. Actually, there’s more to see, It just take time to go out, explore & learn..I wish we have all the time in the world to do it.

How about you, have you discovered something new  lately about nature or something that came across your path? Tell me about it.