Mobile lifestyle in Kuwait

Umbrella and mobile phone : A good match to survive the heat

Expats outnumbered the locals in Kuwait, with 70% of its  population is composed of expatriates. So expat life is rather diversified compared here in Germany. One typical street sight in Kuwait is summed up in the photo above. It doesn’t matter where you are and who you are and what you do in life. An office janitor can have the latest gadget phones same as his Modir ( Boss) as well as anybody.  Everyone seemed to be glued in their mobile phones anytime of the day. It seems like if you don’t own a smart phone, you are left out and isolated. It becomes a necessity and at the same time a hazard especially for reckless drivers who are pinned to their phones while driving. Taxi drivers,mostly Egyptians, Indians, Bangladeshi or Syrians, have 2-3 phones to manage while they go on their work. Crazy, right? but its true. They are talking to their families and friends while driving around. Insane as it may sound but Kuwait becomes fanatic to smartphones and internet calls. Before I was in wonder, but now, no more, horrific and fatal  car accidents  happens everyday, especially in the Gulf road and 5th ring road where drivers drive like maniac. Everyday life revolves around internet, social media and chatting. You should take a look at this article to see how far it goes. If you’re living in Kuwait, I know how it feels, it sucks!

If you’re an expat, having a smart phone with internet is a must. It’s a  materialistic symbolism too. One can easily  get an internet line provided that they have a civil ID to present when they purchase. One’s number is linked to your personal data in the country’s ID system. Another particular sight in  is how Kuwait evolved into mobile parenting.While out in the mall or park, you can see that children have iPads and tablet to keep the child occupied in their buggies while busy parents do their errands. Kuwait has become a symbol for parenting in the iPhone stage. When you move to Kuwait, a way to combat homesickness, your mobile lifestyle becomes elevated and your life revolves in your phone.

Hungry? just log in and check into Talabat or call for delivery from Canary for mushakel and  kebab. Even if the  Matam ( restaurant ) is just around the corner of your flat.I am writing this because I have never seen such incidents like this here in Germany. A total culture clash I must say. Or maybe not yet…

Hala February Festival and National Day in Kuwait

Oh well, Happy National Day Kuwait!

For expats out there, enjoy the long weekend with the Hala February festivities and stay away from the Gulf road or you’ll end up harassed by the water gun fanatics!

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Al-Hashemi II-Dhow-Amazing!

What was the largest boat you’ve ever boarded?

Surprisingly, the largest wooden Arabic Dhow in the planet is sitting in Kuwait. The “Al Hashemi II ” which is graciously docked along Arabian Gulf coast and standing tall with Kuwaiti pride right beside the world class 5 star Hotel Radisson Blu along Al Bidaa. Seeing this amazing Dhow is one of the highlights in my whole length of stay in this country. I had the most amazing time of being on board . I have never seen a boat as big & grand as Al Hashemi II. Truly this is a masterpiece and one of Kuwait’s pride. Seeing the wooden boat for real reminds me of ancient Noah’s ark.

It’s no wonder that Kuwait’s rich history is linked to the seas, since it is strategically adjacent to Arabian Gulf. In the old times,the Dhows from Arabian regions sailed to trade routes to India and east Africa for hundreds of years.

The Al-Hashemi II docked in Kuwait grounds


The Al-Hashemi II, a world breaking masterpiece (Guiness World Record holder ) which was opened in March 2000 after 15 years of construction by 250 expert crafts people. This is one of the main attractions in Kuwait that every Expat and visitors should not miss.



One of the highlighst of our daytrip to the elegant Al Hashemi II  is the stunning Grand Ball Room, which can also be hired for galas, weddings, and other events. It has a total area of 1,200 sq/mtr reception hall  .It has 12 meeting rooms for 650 persons, 2 Boardrooms which is modernly designed for meetings & symposiums, and the 2nd floor of Al Hashemi II  has 1,000 sq/mtr open space which is ideal for parties & cocktail engagements.

We admired the maritime architecture inside while descending from an ornate wooden staircase. We marveled in its decorative floors. The grand Ball Room takes in the lavishly carved walls and ceilings, elegant columns and pretty lighting.The chandeliers are quite a sight!

View of the Grand Hall inside Al-Hashemi II


Right even before the oil discovery in Kuwait , the country thrived on fishing as its primary means of livelihood. This is one their Heritage and i find it so amazing how they preserve its significance up until the modern times. This is particularly evident with the number of Museums dedicated to showcase their Maritime history.

Al Hashemi II is so huge that it houses the Al-Hashemi Maritime Museum. We let ourselves loose exploring its history and significant contribution to Kuwait. The museum’s collection of scaled-model traditional dhows, marine tools, photographs and other objects highlight the traditions of shipbuilding and seafaring in Kuwait. Entrance to the museum is free, and a shop on site sells maritime mementos. After i saw this Museum, i developed a great respect to this country’s Dhow legacy.

Scale-models of the traditional Dhows & boats displayed in Al Hashemi Maritime Museum


Radisson Blu is our top choice for our setting for our wedding in Kuwait & I had to share that I had the most wonderful experience to have my wedding photo shoots inside the Al Hashemi II Dhow. There’s no better way to pay tribute to it than letting it be my wedding backdrop. It provide such an extraordinary ambiance, which is a dream for me.  We entertained our guests with  dinner inside another boat, the “Mohammed II ” or locally known as” Al Boom “.  This place is close to my heart. It’s our perfect place for a place to create memories for one of the important days of my life.

Al Hashemi Maritime Museum


As an Expat in Kuwait, A visit to Al- Hashemi is magical, a glimpse on its size & grandeur which  takes you back to the times where Noah’s Ark is being built. Now this giant boat is a reminder that out of a one man’s dream could come out a masterpiece  that can never be forgotten. Though it never sailed along the sea, it has its symbolic pride, A true labor of Love. That’s what it matters for Al Hashemi II.

If you are residing in Kuwait, Try visiting the Al Hashemi II and fall in love with its beauty. I highly recommend it.If you want to visit the AL HASHEMI II Museum, you can check out more details Here.

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