25th Anniversary of 1991 Kuwait Oil Fires

Kuwait : Desert on Fire photography by Sebastiao Salgado as featured in NY times

April is a significant month in Kuwait commemorating the 25th Anniversary of 1991 Kuwait Oil Fires. I wrote before in my previous post “ 25 YEARS -A lookback on Fires of Kuwait “ the devastation of Kuwait from these burning oil wells for almost 10 blazing months!

In April of 1991 following Iraqi military setting the Kuwait Oil fields aflame, Photographer Sebastião Salgado who  is a documentary photographer and author of eleven books, including the forthcoming “Kuwait: Desert on Fire” documented this world renowned environmental disaster.


Sebastião Salgado shares his personal views   from his assignment and showed moving photos He took from the time the Oil fields are still breathing out heavenly smoke which was recently published by NY Times. He made wonderful and yet heartbreaking photos of this significant event and you can view it Here.

If you are interested to purchase original prints of his works, then you can expect to get it at approx. 2,000 KD or US$6,630 .

As we remember this tragic piece in the history of Kuwait which took billions of dollars and years of work to clean up the mess of Saddam Hussein’s failed scorched earth policy, Twenty-five years later, we need to open our eyes that wars are raging in much of the Middle East, and oil fields have already been set aflame. We must remember that in the brutality of battle another such apocalypse is always just around the corner.

I just prayed that this would be the last Oil Fires to be ever recorded in history.