Big Balls of Love from Bavaria

A Love lock in Glacisbrücke,BayernGlacis

It’s not as posh & glamorous as the padlocks in Pont des Arts in  Paris nor in the picturesque Mount Huangshan, Lotus Peak in Anhui , China or in Cologne, Germany.  It doesn’t even resemble to the colorful padlocks that I have seen hanging in the tiny bridges in the canals of Amsterdam.

If you don’t see it as romantic, then what is it?

After all, they are just-padlocks.They all glittered and sparkled in the sun — an oddly beautiful mosaic above the river. A real magnet for any visitors. But for someone who fell in love madly, the kind of over-the-heels kind, for those who once were in-love, was in-love, and still in-love,a sight of this makes a skip in our heart.

Forever Love in Bavaria

At this time of the year, and right here in my own side of the world, I catch a rare glimpse of one particular padlock. One misty morning in my Bavarian Wandertags, there I saw it in the Glacisbrücke. Its hanging there in the cold, drenched & glistened with dew of the early fog. Resilient and strong.

Call it romantic, or cheesy gesture or pledge of undying love. Yet this padlock is simple, bold, heavy, & original.

Just a Big Balls of Love.

The lock of love is the same for its ultimate purpose– wherever it is, a symbol of binding the same love. Same lock.


Do you like Love locks?