Off the beaten path : Clamdigger

Have you ever tried digging clams?

I did. Of all the off-the-beaten-path adventures I had  in Kuwait, this is by far the one I enjoyed the most.


Because its something that I have never done before & never expected that I would be doing here.Yes, in Kuwait. Right in the shores of Doha .

One of  my friend asked me if I would like to come with her to dig clams. I said yes, but actually, I didn’t know how exactly it is being done or why in the world are we going to do it. She picked me up at around 2am in the morning as the travel time going to Doha is quite far from where I lived. It was the perfect time, its low tide and the weather is great. It took us about 1.5 hours and finally we reached the place. We met other people there which I haven’t known but my friend told me that we are all going in a group. It was fine with me.

I didn’t bring anything but I noticed that our group brought buckets, spade, a spatula (wooden & stainless) and a big colander! I was just smiling while watching because I am totally curious what’s going to happen.

Clamdigging and chasing the sun in Doha

I went to Doha to dig for clams out of recreation and for the sake of experience. I wanted to watch the sunrise there. I’ve always been fascinated by how different the sun rises on different locations that I’ve been to. While we walk barefoot along the shores in Doha, I let my feet feel the soft, cold mud-like shore. This is a new experience to me. It’s  still so dark at around 3am and walking in the beach like this is totally exhilarating.  I can feel the wind in my face, but my eyes is fixed on the lighted part from our flashlights because I don’t like to tumble-down in the sand.The only thing that ‘s running in my mind this time is “I wanna dig some clams !”

The journey to reach the area where we finally can start to dig is enjoyable. With great anticipation I sat on my knees and I let my hands explore the wet shores, my hands slowly digging, feeling, and searching. I watched how the others  are doing it and then I decided to use the spade & spatulas. My excitement goes on higher. I wanted to find the clams!

I heard  the others already shrieking & shouting.They have found it. They have dug and found the clams! This made me become more determined.I said to myself that I will not go home until I found one. Finally  my spatula touches a hard shell so I kept on digging until I got my first clam. It started as one piece, then follows another, until I filled almost half of the bucket. I was so happy when I dig those clams. It’s like searching for pearls.You’ll never know where they exactly  are, all you know is that they are just right there, waiting to be discovered.

Clamdigging-For recreation or wanting something new?

Finally the sun starts to peek out from the dark. I watched with delight as the sun rises slowly. We are surrounded by its golden glow. It’s magical to be able to see silhouettes of people while watching the sun rises.The sunrise in Doha is beautiful. I even beachcombed and found beautiful shells. So as the experience of digging clams.

A handful of precious clams. Our sumptuous lunch.

“No, you can’t always get what you want
You can’t always get what you want
You can’t always get what you want
But if you try sometime you find
You get what you need “

{ You can’t always get what you want by the Rolling Stones } 

I’m a big fan of Rolling Stones & this song has one of the best lyrics. In life we need to have focus & goal because this will help us to move forward. As we go through our days, we might get short-sighted and give up at the sight of struggles & hardships. We can’t always get what we want on the first try, but if don’t give up & continue to move forward, we might find, we will get what we need.

This is the lesson I have learned from Clamdigging, Never Give Up.

A few minutes of beachcombing produced these common shells: a ki
A Shell for your thoughts

Thank you for reading & I’ll leave these questions for you to ponder ;

Do you have any dreams that you have finally given up?

What have you done lately that is out of your comfort zone?

Are you still amazed by simple pleasures like watching the sun rises and feeling the beach in your feet?


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Why I fell in love in Moselle

“You’ve got to see this!” This is what this post all about.If you are thinking of going to Germany & wants  a place to have some serious adventure, or maybe a planned escape with friends ,with serene, and yet fulfilling experience  away from the hustling city life vibe , then  Moselle is the perfect trip for you. Germany is not only famous for its Oktoberfest and  castles, It is also renowned for its lovely river Landscape Nature. For my daughter’s first international trip , we brought her here. Who says you can’t have fun with a baby ?  Here’s why ,Moselle wine region ranked # 34 for Top Places to go in 2016 .From my personal experience, This should be in your Bucket list.

The Views are simply Breathtaking

Nature at its best. The River landscape of the Moselle is seen as one of the most varied in the whole of central Europe. There is a folk legend that says that the Devil once visited the area with a large sack which He gradually emptied, thus forming the many different castles and fortresses along the area. The Moselle is the largest left-handed tributary of the Rhine River with a length of 544 km. It stretched from West to Northwest in large loops. Below Trier,the most beautiful landscape of Moselle begins. Its bank s are covered with vineyards , quaint houses,small romantic wine growing communities and medieval looking fortress towns.The Mediterranean flair is inescapable.

View of the Moselle River and beautiful villages  from Landshut Castle


The River Moselle ,viewed from a luscious vineyard in Bernkastel-Kues

Hop on a bike , or just spend lazy times walking is the best way to make the most of your Moselle journey.The streets are stroller friendly. You can let your baby nap beside the banks of the river while you admire the calm beauty of the Moselle or simply,feed the ducks.My daughter took a nap during our hike up to the Landshut castle and while enjoying the view above. How many babies napping with a castle view and surrounded with vineyards? You need to make memories in your journey.

Architecture that surround the whole region

There’s so much detail in every structure that I see. One example is the Lieser castle.It was built in the previous century by the Baron of Schlorlemer in a middle of a feudal park.Nowadays this building serves as a luxury hotel.As you step out of it,20 meters away and you can gaze at the banks of the River Moselle.We had a morning walk here,and although the weather is slightly gray, it was worth the stop.

The Castle of Lieser
Lieser Castle : Fairy Tale Hotel along the River Moselle

Just Let loose and be charmed in the Market Squares.

Its like being transported into a frenzy Jumanji . History come alive.Everywhere you look, creative pubs,quaint little shops,of beautiful Half-Timbered houses,fountains and Hauptmarkt (Main Market ) makes the city a fascinating metropolis.You can admire the unique,ancient historical monuments that were of significant testament  to the importance of this time. Some fountains were adorned with small ogres and mischievous monkeys.My daughter loved the play area near Saint George’s fountain. Children flocked to the area with flowing waters which they could play, stomp their little feet and running around and just shrieking with delight,  while their parents are munching on warm pretzels and people watching.


The best glass of Wine

You can always enjoy a good glass of Beer in Germany, but in Moselle, you simply need to try the Riesling wine ! Even if you are not a Wine Enthusiast like me, you will surely love their wine.We have stayed in an apartment which has their own Weingut and from the moment we arrived, we have sampled their wine. It was really good.There’s no better way to enjoy it than just sitting back in the balcony &  enjoying the view. Prost!


Don’t forget to try the local food.We love the restaurant along the banks of Moselle in Bernkastel Kues,The Hotel & Restaurant Cafe Rosi.It has a Beer Garden,River Banks, and a Hotel.Imagine feeding your gastronomy delight with a view of the Landshut Castle and feeling the typical air of the region.Well, in Germany,enjoying Eis ( ice cream ) is a typical sight and of course we tried it.But unfortunately I am not so fond of Ice cream with liquor.It tasted too strong for me that the chocolate flavor was overpowered by the liquor.If you have a thing on this,they probably you would enjoy their Eis.

Ice cream or Eis with liquor
A Wine Ship Monument in Trier
The steep vineyards along the streets of Osann-Monzel













Timber frame houses


I am already looking forward to go back and explore the other parts of Moselle.There’s so much more to see and explore. All in all,it was a great trip! and of course ,we brought home some fine wine !


Thank you for reading !