One of a kind: Nürnberger Christkindlesmarkt

Falling in love with the Glühwein tradition in German Christmas Markets

One of my wishes came true this year and that is to visit the world-famous Nürnberg Christkindlesmarkt, or probably the best Christmas market in the world, as far as Christmas markets are concerned. It’s one of the oldest, grandest and also the biggest ! Yes, I am saying it’s of world-class— and simply one of a kind, unforgettable and extraordinary Christmas market-fair-trade-fest rolled into one!

I cannot use too many more adjective for it but it is really worth a visit.From an Asian like me, I love everything about Christmas Markets! As an Expat, its one of the culture that I have fully integrated and loved. Despite the cold weather, everyone should try to experience this if they have a chance. I say this because I am totally thrilled and pleased with the experience of seeing everything that I’ve read in internet in full life and colors. Just like Oktoberfest—another magnet here in Bavaria, Nuremberg set a world record of number of visitors during Adventzeit. The crowd is simply overwhelming!

It’s a shame not to write about it since it’s really on my Bucket List–something that I never expected to be. I can’t get enough of the nostalgia from the Bitter-Sweet  Marriage Carousel so we end up exploring the Christmas Market and we were really blown away!


Once in a lifetime experience in Germany’s Christmas Market

Maybe its a mistake when we decided to visit Nuremberg on the second week of Advent because it was packed, crowded, beautiful,charming and definitely exhausting! The crowd was something that I never expected to be. Despite of the grey , cold, windy, storm-ish winter weather, people, old and young, on different ages flocked to the streets of the central Hauptmarkt  square to witness the grand and only one Nürnberger Christkindlmarkt!

We arrived at around 11:30 am but we were lucky to find a table for lunch only around 2pm! Everything was packed, but the atmosphere is really something different. People are smiling, the vendors in the stalls are courteous and everyone is just in jolly mood.


Not a Winter Wonderland, but still beautiful
Creating memories in Nuremberg

We visited Nüremberg before  but the atmosphere in Winter is something different. The surrounding is filled with Christmas decors- in fact, what’s make it unique it its very traditional decors made of copper, wood and one-of a kind materials! Bright lights and the colors of Christmas is seen everywhere. Every shop compete with its own unique charming decors. The smell?— Oh your senses will be filled with the aroma of cinnamon, pastries, fruit cakes, Bratwurts, Nuremberg sausages and Glühwein. The taste of Nurnberger Christkindlesmarkt!

Aniseed, cinnamon, Lebkuchen and more Lebkuchen!

As a child, I can’t recall a Christmas market experience. I remember, we attended the midnight mass during Advent and there are few stalls of vendors selling traditional “Puto bungbong and Bibingka” ( sticky rice cakes) outside the church and nearby is a Carnival where we play and had fun rides. But nothing like the Kinder Weihnachtsmarkt in Nüremberg. For little ones, the rides, the grand carousel and the overwhelming threats for children is so tempting. From chocolate covered fruits to kinder punches and tasty threats that are beautifully displayed in every stall.

The first time I’ve ever tasted Lebkuchen from Nürnberg is when my husband brought some when he had a trip in Germany while we are still living in Kuwait. The taste of Spekulatius, cinnamon and Lebkuchen is unforgettable. I have tasted different Lebkuchen and Ginger breads here in Germany but I must say that I would always come back to Lebkuchen Schmidt.Highly recommended and worthy to bring as a gift to your love ones. Only be wary of the long lines especially during peak seasons! It’s not only their Lebkuchen but their cakes and Pastries are mouth-watering too!


I’ve visited Nuremberg in Summer and my neck was cramped looking at beautiful old architecture, and the old city has always something to offers. The streets of Nuremberg during Christmas season are endless, chaotic,but really unforgettable. There’s always something to explore, to see and even if your feet already aches from walking, then just take a break and melt into the crowd.

Christmas decors, balls and other Traditional Christmas ornaments made from different materials.
Crowds in Nuremberg Christmas market
Frohe Weihnachten


Time to rekindle your childhood in the Kinder Weihnachtmarkt.The fairground is beautifully decorated with Nativity stalls, snowmen, sleighs and a winter wonderland for children. It offers lots of food stalls as well as toys stalls so it’s a perfect timing for gift buying too. I went to this Kinder Weihnachtsmarkt when the Christkindlesmarkt is too crowded for my daughter and I am even afraid to get lost!

IMG_1572 (1)
Happy writing— Giant pencils as a gift for the Little ones.

Or kiss your Honey while taking a quick stop on this Mistletoe bundle!


The world is your Oyster when it comes to food while you are in the Market. You find every type of food depends on your taste. The only downside is if you get a place to sit! On our visit we tried dome Balkan food and despite that its quite expensive, we were not disappointed with the taste.

Tropical dried Fruits ! Yumm…
Take the Carousel ride rain or shine!

IMG_1535 (2)

IMG_1480 (1)
One happy little visitor!

There are thousands of Christmas Markets all over Germany and you can never have enough or shortage of it. Even our local Ingolstädter Christkindlemarkt can never be ignored but then if you have the chance to visit a Christmas Market, then go to something that worth the travel–and that is the Nürnberger Christkindlmarkt! I’ve just read that it’s almost 400 years old since the earliest writing about it was since 1628!

Nürnberg left me an impression and continue to do so… I wish it does the same to you. Maybe on my next visit, I’ll discover something else. From the mystical Kaiserburg Old Castle up to the overwhelming Tiergarten, I’ll leave you with endless options. My writing is not enough , you should be able to experience it with your own eyes.If there’s a market that I would like to bring my family in Philippines to see–then it is here.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

What do you think of German Christmas Markets?

Here in Germany we have 2nd day of Christmas so here’s wishing you all Happy 2nd Day of Christmas and a Happy New Year! Until next time.




Last Glimpses from Kuwait Towers

My Expat life in Kuwait would not have been complete without having a glimpse of one Iconic structure which is the pride of Kuwait, the Kuwait Towers. It has been closed for quite sometime, almost 5 long years, it opened again for the public. It’s just happened that before we left Kuwait last month, I was able to see it again, this time, with my daughter and my husband.

I personally loved the designed concept of this “mushroom water towers “which were designed by Danish architect Malene Bjorn and maintained by the Swedish engineering company VBB- Vatten-Byggnadsbyzan (since 1977 called Sweco).The chief architect  Sune Lindstorm already erected 5 groups of his mushroom towers but the Amir of Kuwait wants a more striking design for the 6th site.Lindstorm made 10 different design but the Amir choses this one.


These 3 slender towers symbolizes Kuwait’s economic resurgence and also world cultural as well as a famous Touristic Landmark.Its location is ideally settled along the Arabian Gulf, and if you are lucky to have a nice clear,dust-free weather, the view from the viewing deck is awesome.The “Balls of Kuwait “which the locals referred to is designed in modern standards with combination of Islamic themes.Its quite identical to the blue-tiled mosques and slender minarets of Samarkand and Bukhara.
The height of the main tower is 187 meters (614 ft.) and consists of the ground floor,Main sphere and the viewing sphere.The main tower houses the “famed “revolving restaurant , cafe, and reception hall.The lower sphere holds in its upper a restaurant that can accommodate 90 persons and its bottom half a water tank of 4,500 cubic meters.Rising to 123 meters above sea level, the viewing sphere completes a 360 degrees turn every 30 minutes so that visitors can enjoy a full panoramic view of Kuwait city & Arabian Gulf.The viewing sphere is open from 9am to 11:30 pm.They still kept the coin operated binoculars.




The second tower serves as a water reservoir  and is 147 meters high.The third tower houses equipment to illuminate the two larger towers and supply electricity for some areas in Kuwait City.In my previous post, Kuwait Towers has Led Lights display every now and then .If you drive along the Gulf road at night, this sight could be such a delight.The Towers hold 10,000 cubic meters of waters on the whole.


There’s nothing much changed since the renovation.The Horizon Restaurant located in Ofok Hall can still experience a world-class hospitality at 82m sea level featuring international open buffet served daily . Now that its Ramadan, there are excellent choices of Iftar celebration held daily.Other notable restaurant housed inside the Towers is the Le Cafe which is a nice place to enjoy the scenic views along the sea.

Breakfast Buffet 8AM to 11:30AM for KD7.5
Lunch Buffet: 12:30PM to 4PM for KD14
Dinner Buffet: 7PM to 11:30PM for KD14

For reservations you can contact them on 22444021 or 22444038

If you plan to visit Kuwait, this is one of the “must see) sight in this city.After the renovation, this is now fully-opened to public and if you have a guest, I highly recommend that you bring them here.
If you want to go to the viewing sphere it’s KD3 per person. If you want to go to the restaurants there is no entrance fee. If you eat at the restaurant then you can go to the viewing deck for free as long as you keep your meal receipt. Children under 4 go in for free so my daughter entered free. If you’re going to the restaurants you can also park inside the Kuwait Towers parking lot.



I have heard rumors and read that the Kuwait Towers are now on UNESCO’s tentative list to become a World Heritage site. The first report was submitted back in May and later accepted by UNESCO in July. It’s only the first step but if it does get approved, then the Kuwait Towers will become the first modernist building in the entire Gulf region to be designated a World Heritage Site.Inshaallah!

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